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Our farm have been accredited with Malaysian Good Agricultural Practices (My GAP) certification by the Department of Veterinary Services of Malaysia.

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Paper Egg Trays

We produce sturdy paper egg trays by using recycled newspapers and old magazines, which would otherwise cause congestions in the limited dumpsites around the country.

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Contains over 60% of Rich Organic Matter which contents essential nutrients (NPK, total NPK is around 6%), magnesium and calcium for plants.

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Animal Health Products

We distribute a great range of imported animal health products, for both food animals and pet animals such as Anti-parasites, Antibiotic, Food Additives, Supplements and etc.

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Fresh Layer Hen

Quality and highly demanded brands is what sets us aside. We are best manufacturers and suppliers of quality halal whole fresh layer hen.

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Teo Seng Capital Berhad

Hatching For The Future

Welcome to Teo Seng Capital Berhad, an investment holding company principally involved in poultry farming. As one of the largest egg producers in Malaysia, Teo Seng’s activities predominantly revolve around layer farming, which refers to the business of rearing chickens for egg production. Via its subsidiaries, the company is also involved in the manufacturing and marketing of paper egg trays and animal feeds, along with the distribution of animal health products.

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Our Certificate

Our farm is the one and only farm in Malaysia certified with Good Manufacturing Practices GMP, Food Safety Management IS022000:2005 and HACCP