Organic Fermented Fertiliser

Organic Fermented Fertiliser

Laskar Organic Fermented Fertiliser

  1. Contains over 60% of Rich Organic Matter which contents essential nutrients (NPK, total NPK is around 6%), magnesium and calcium for plants.
  2. Contains over 8% of Magnesium and over 12% Calcium that help plants to grow sturdily.
  3. 100% Fully Fermented to protect plant’s roots from harms.
  4. High Temperature Sterilization Process to eliminate harmful bacteria.
  5. Granular-form fermented fertilizer: Improve the soil texture effectively.
  6. Well packed into a 40kg and 1kg Water-Resistant Packaging.
  7. Basic Base Fertiliser - Balance the soil acidity to improve the effect of nutrients absorption.
Ingredients Use

Pure Layer Chicken Manure & Effective Microbes (EM)

Functions & Effects

Improve soil structure & quality for better retention of nutrients and water, fully fermented fertilizer with effective microbes enhance the microbial activity and lead to healthy rooting, balanced nutrients and better growth.

Applicable on

Suitable for most plantations