Company Profile

Company Profile

Layer Farming

Teo Seng is one of the largest egg producers in Malaysia. With the implementation of highly-advanced technologies and professional farm management concept such as All-In-All-Out system and Closed-House system, Teo Seng always practices to supply safe and fresh egg to customers.

Farm and production capacity:
  • There are total 24 Farms, which categorized into Pullet and Layer. The existing capacity of layer farming is 5.5m birds, laying approximately 4m of eggs daily, which 40% of the production are exported to overseas.
  • Two Central Packing Stations (CPS) facilitated 4 egg grading machines with total grading capacity of 650,000 eggs per hour.
Teo Seng Farming Sdn. Bhd. 198301016528 (111937-P)
Success Century Sdn. Bhd. 199501017007 (346210-A)


The presence of a feedmill assists to control costs in the Teo Seng Group’s operations. With the advanced and tailor-made formulation, Teo Seng manufactures nutritious feedmill and supply to our own layer farm by adopting automated and computerized auto-mixing technology in the manufacturing of animal feeds. With this upstream operation, Teo Seng Group has become more cost effective and efficient in its production output.
  • Teo Seng produces and consumes 100% of output of own manufactured feeds.
  • The monthly maximum production capacity per month is approximately 30,000 matrix tons of feed, which is sufficient for existing 4 million daily eggs production and future layer farming expansion.
Teo Seng Feedmill Sdn. Bhd. 199801018060 (474189-H)

Paper Egg Tray

Teo Seng Paper Products Sdn Bhd commenced its business operation in April 1995. We manufacture environmental-friendly paper egg trays using recycled papers, such as old magazines, old newspapers and used cartons boxes. The horizontal diversification of the business enables us to be more cost effective, reduce our dependency on the supply of paper egg trays from other suppliers, and to have a better control over the quality of the paper egg trays.
  • Effectively recycle used paper into paper egg tray with the rate of 68 grams to 75 grams per piece.
  • Produce approximately 280,000 paper egg trays daily.
  • European technology-based machine.
Teo Seng Paper Products Sdn. Bhd. 199401014312 (299992-H)

Animal Health Products

With the goal of providing us a dedicated subsidiary to source and supply animal health care with high quality products required for the Group's operations as well as provide customized solutions to both internal and external parties, Ritma Prestasi Sdn. Bhd. was acquired in 2005. Subsequently, Ritma Permier Pte. Ltd. was established to explore and support Singapore’s market.
  • Sales of Farm Animal Product (FAP) and Companion Animal Product (CAP).
  • First-hand information on the latest innovation and research available for deployment toward our business.
  • Good quality and branded products from Bayer, Elanco, Innovad, O. Corporation (Korea) and etc.
  • For further information, please visit:
Ritma Prestasi Sdn. Bhd. 200301026590 (629010-U)
Ritma Premier Pte. Ltd. (201617304-E)


Laskar was formed to produce organic fertiliser that is 100% fully fermented to granular-form fertiliser from chicken manure. The fertiliser is produced by adopting strict manufacturing process and latest technologies. We recycle the chicken manure and turn it into organic fertiliser which improving soil structure and quality for better retention of nutrients and water. Over the time, it reduces the environmental pollution and further enhance sustainability of farming system.
  • Turning the chicken manure into fertilizer.
  • Recycle waste and profit maximization.
  • Sustain the environment protection.
  • Awarded Bionexus Status in Oct’15.
Laskar Fertiliser Sdn. Bhd. 201101011816 (939951-U)
Liberal Energy Sdn. Bhd. 201001001714 (886291-T)

Trading of Egg

As a subsidiary of Teo Seng, Premium Egg Products Pte Ltd located in Singapore and engaged in the egg trading activities. Premium Egg is an importer, exporter, wholesaler and distributor of various grade of farm fresh shell eggs.
Premium Egg Products Pte. Ltd. (200305167-W)
BH Fresh Food Pte. Ltd. (200105466-D)